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01.01.19 14:39

The tariff drop will save Hermes and LV to buy a bag to save some money.

Since July, many consumers should find that the price of many imported goods has become lower, such as luxury bags.

French luxury brand Replica Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbag has already lowered the price of some products including popular bag styles NEVERFULL and NEONOE in China's official website and offline stores. The price adjustment range ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan, NEVERFULL and NEONOE, for example, the price is reduced from 10,400 yuan and 12,300 yuan to 9900 yuan and 11,800 yuan respectively; some small accessories are subject to price reductions. Ten yuan up and down.

In response, the interface news responded to Louis Vuitton's verification that the brand did make price adjustments for the Chinese market, mainly because of the reduction of tariffs and VAT in China: "In view of the recent reduction in tariffs and VAT, Louis Vuitton China fully supports the Chinese government's efforts to reduce the price gap between domestic and overseas commodities. Therefore, Louis Vuitton China immediately adjusts the price of goods and will continue to work in this direction."

On July 1, the new round of import tariff reduction plan announced by the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council was officially implemented, and the scope of adjustment involved the daily necessities and apparel industries. Among them, the average tariff rate related to apparel, shoes and hats products was lowered from the original 15.9% to 7.1%.

Affected by this, in addition to the first action of LouisVuitton, in fact, some other luxury brands also have price adjustment plans. Hermes China issued a statement to the interface news, "Based on the national import tax adjustment, Hermes China will adjust the retail price of some products from July 1, 2018." However, at present, the specific price adjustment information has not been announced.

Replica Christian Dior Bags, Replica Givenchy Handbags and other brands also responded to interviews with the interface news, but both said that China has not received any relevant notice from the headquarters about product price adjustment.

To a certain extent, by lowering the price of tariffs, luxury brands that want to do business in the Chinese market are a good opportunity to enhance their competitiveness. After all, Chinese people have more and more overseas travel opportunities, and with the strong purchasing power, it is not easy for the Chinese branch of luxury brands to seize the hearts of Chinese consumers.

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