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14.06.19 05:29

Lingyin Temple is like

Lingyin Temple is like a hooked image, and it is my sincere desire to seek Buddha's heart. When I am really immersed in the situation, I find that all the waiting is not worth mentioning. I first rushed to say goodbye to the West Lake before embarking on a search. The journey of the ancient temple, along the way, the tall sycamore tree lined with the blue lake of the blue lake, like Monet's impression painting, gently and gently slipped through my indifferent eyes, for which I abandoned the quietness of the wind in the Qu Yuan; for it I abandoned the beauty of Lei Feng��s glory; for it, I abandoned the agility of Huagang��s fish watching Wholesale Cigarettes, and a whole heart was facing it, like a devout and obsessive Buddhist Marlboro Lights, all the way to the west to the trees along the Daleiyin Temple mokingusacigarettes.com. Gradually dense, Hangzhou is more and more cold in the late autumn, dense and dense trees, let me more fascinated with the hidden secret temple in the jungle, about ten minutes, I came to the foot of Lingyin Temple from the West Lake Broken Bridge, After I bought the ticket, I came to a mountain gate hidden by a big tree. This door is like a shuttle door to the unknown world. On one side of the dust and the Buddhaland, I stepped into this door. It was suddenly green and green, a towering stone tower. Immediately caused me Note that just as I stopped to watch the stone sculpture, a group of grandparents led by the tour guide came to my side. The guide pointed to the opposite Shifeng and said, "This is the flying peak!" I followed my fingers. Looking at the direction, a mountain peak, like thousands of stalagmites, is stacked from the ground to the sky. The mountain is covered with dense woods, which makes people guess the height. Among the dense stalagmites that fly to the peak, it is like a mountain. I followed the visitors over a clear stream, into a cave, the cave was so cool, a reclining Buddha quietly sleeping in the cave, as if sleeping for centuries. Out of the cave, I walked up the creek all the way up. There were a few koi koi in the clear stream. They swimed peacefully, like a group of beautiful people playing in the water, letting the fishermen feel calm and stay away from the spirit fish. A few hundred steps further, I came to Lingyin Temple. I took the Sanxiang fragrance that the ticket inspector handed over. I stepped into the temple gate of Wei'an and went into a hall. I saw the plaque turned out to be the "Heavenly Palace". The temple is enshrined with four statues of the king who are taller and taller. The carvings of the king are unique and the armor of the body is exquisite, which is unmatchable elsewhere. Out of the Temple of Heaven, the face is a tall pine forest, the shore of the pine forest, straight stretched to the sky, and then go forward, came to the Daxi

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