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13.05.19 11:05

There is a feeling

There is a feeling that I don't know if you understand? A friend once told me that he likes a woman who has a family, and a woman likes him very much. They are not in a region, they are far apart. He said that they met and the Internet, in an occasional chat, communicated with each other the way they wanted. He only went to see her Marlboro Cigarettes In Bulk. He thought that a woman would not really love him. The woman also thought that he was just playing with excitement. And when he really had a skin kiss with her. The situation has changed dramatically. He fell in love with her deeply. And she also felt his love. He said that he would go to see her whenever he had time. Not every time I have to go to bed. Just talk to her, go shopping, and go outdoors. And she will run to see him as soon as she has time. Give him something he likes to eat, and make his own food. I asked him, you are not a couple. What is the picture like this? And every time I see it, I have to spend a lot. Contributed to the car back and forth. He said, you don't understand, you don't know how to love someone. That is what I am willing to do that. I asked, is there time and energy not to accompany my wife and children Cigarettes Marlboro 100'S, to accompany a woman who does not belong to you? He said, you don't understand, love does not have to be a husband and wife. All I want is the feeling that I am really remembered and cared for. I asked again, then your wife doesn't care about you? Do not mind you? He said that this is different, the feeling between the two is affection, and the woman who likes is love. I wondered if you and your wife are not in love? Is it not the result of love? He said that when he first got married, he did not fully understand love. I didn't think so long, and I didn't fully understand each other. I just felt that I couldn't live without it. I liked it very much. After getting married and getting married. Really live together, only gradually understand that love and life can not be equal. When you really understand that love is just a feeling, you will not say that this is not love. Men and women become stupid when love comes. Therefore, between people who love each other, they always call each other, fools, idiots, babies, heart and soul, and some nicknames that only they understand each other. I don't know about it. I asked again, then how do you know that the woman loves you? He said, I can feel her in my heart. I asked again, what does it feel like? Is someone willing to go to bed with you? He said that not only is this willing, she will remember my hobbies and will remember what I like Carton Marlboro Black Menthol 100. And will buy it for me. In short, I remember to hang me. I heard him say this, I seem to understand. The feeling of love. Not just the feeling of mutual pleasure! Any move is a heartfelt wish from the heart! Isn't th

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