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13.05.19 11:05

Food and clothing is

Food and clothing is a necessary condition and guarantee for the existence of all life, and it is also the first priority for survival. Human beings are no exception. The existence of life and the solution of the problem of food and clothing have spawned other people's demands and urged people to pursue higher, larger and farther goals. The noisy human society seems to be quite complicated. In fact, the roots of the question are carefully considered. In most cases, it is only the poor who pursue wealth, power, status, and the wealthy and powerful people pursue the floating picture of enjoyment. Human beings are superior to other animals. They have higher demands for survival and life than animals. From survival to life, gradually promoting poverty is a disgusting thing and encounter. People at different levels have different perceptions and concepts about poverty. Language: Before the problem of food and clothing is solved, survival is almost equal to the whole of life. Anyone at this time is faced with poverty, which means that life cannot be effectively guaranteed, or death may come to the poor at any time. Poverty is terrible; poverty after the solution to food and clothing is just in the early stages of living and living, and there is no risk-resisting ability. Any bad luck can be the last to kill yourself and your family. The poverty of straw makes people lose the material and spiritual foundations of their living and life, and even loses their dignity and cannot satisfy their own desires. Appetite, material desire and vanity can not be satisfied. In the utilitarian life, the poor can't or hardly win the respect of others, get the status, power, communication and life circle they dream of, be crowded or oppressed at the bottom of society or life, in a repressed living environment. In the middle, you must not be happy. Spiritual poverty is as hard to suffer as material poverty. Spiritual deprivation is more terrible than material poverty. It is easy to make people go astray. People who have gone through poverty in the end, fear poverty, know how to cherish; have not experienced People living in poverty cannot truly understand the taste of poverty. When they face poverty, they are easily panicked and confused. They can only die and die in hardship. For those who are strong-willed and full of life enthusiasm, the life experience of poverty can be said to be a rare wealth in the life process of human beings. It can succumb to the will of the people and hone the quality of people from poverty to prosperity Marlboro Cigarettes Supply Store. It cannot be done overnight. Constant efforts and continuous accumulation, whether material or spiritual, are a slow process of accumulation, consistent with the natural laws of causal effects, rather than sudden arrivals for no reason. For an extremely poor person, the huge wealth that suddenly comes will make it overwhelmed. If there is no spiritual escort that suits it, it

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